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Dennis is amazing at what he does. He is not the typical attorney stereotype at all. He made sure to give me all the information upfront and ran through the possible outcomes with me to help make a better choice. He gave me advice that was more like coming from a friend then a lawyer. He stayed up to date on the case and called me frequently to ensure all his information for the case was correct. This guy went up against 2 lawyers in my case. I must admit I was a little nervous seeing 2 lawyers on the defendant's team but not Dennis. He looked at me and said no worries we got this. To hear that confidence from your lawyer is very reassuring. Long story short Dennis followed through on his promise and we won the case just as we did the previous 2 cases. Thank you Dennis you didn’t just win for me you win for my kids!

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I am a mother of three children.  Before I hired attorney Dennis Germain in my divorce case, I was stuck in a hole of which I thought there was no way out.   My ex-husband had strong armed himself into control over all of the marital finances, essentially destroying my credit, and placing me at his mercy with regard to basic financial needs; he had carried out a long complicated plan where he tricked me out of the marital home under the guise that he was putting it up for sale (yet he never actually did); he gained control over my involvement with our children (the same children that I raised as the primary homemaker); and he carefully coordinated a scenario that made me look crazy and helpless on initial review by most objective observers.   In other words, he set the stage for me to be fighting with my hands behind my back.  He had ALL of the cards, ALL of the power, ALL of the finances, and a very believable story on his side.  I had NOTHING.

When I made it to Dennis, I was at an all-time low.  But Dennis stepped in and took over.   He told me that the process was going to be a grueling process for which I could not expect overnight results.   He went through the facts piece by piece and began to unravel my ex-husband’s complicated plan.  Dennis got in touch with witnesses (police officers, the real estate agent, military retirement experts, expert custody and mental health professionals, neighbors, etc.).  Dennis obtained affidavits, sent out subpoenas, sent out endless piles of discovery requests, and WOULD NOT STOP until my ex-husband provided every single document, and answered every single question under oath that Dennis requested.  Dennis filed document after document with the Court, gradually moving me to a better position.  He was able to get me $2,500.00 a month in spousal support while the case was pending.  He was ultimately able to organize the facts and financial data in organized spreadsheets to where I could finally and fully make educated financial decisions in the matter (something I was previously unable to do, because I was previously blocked access to such information).

In the end, I was awarded a good custody arrangement where I am now again involved in our children’s lives like I am supposed to be, I was awarded spousal support, I was awarded child support that will soon increase in amount, I was awarded substantial portions of my ex-husband’s military pension, his federal pension, and virtually all of his federal thrift savings plan.  Dennis drafted an impenetrable judgment of divorce, of which I have successfully enforced on multiple occasions.  Dennis helped get me out from under a miserable, hopeless, oppressive financial arrangement, to where I gained financial independence, am working, and going to school again.  I am back in my children’s lives and am getting a new house!

You would probably not believe my story if I told you.  It would take hours for you to fully understand my story.  And that is what Dennis did.  He put in the time to help bring me from that dark day when I first came into his office, to where I am today.  I strongly recommend Dennis Germain’s divorce services.

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

I had been attempting to complete a divorce by myself in Macomb County but experienced some road blocks near the end of my case. I hired attorney Dennis Germain to help me finalize my divorce and he was able to jump in and assist with the last steps to bring my case to a close. Mr. Germain is extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and highly recommended.

Former Divorce Client

Macomb Friend of the Court

I was extremely please with how Dennis represented me. He is very detailed and organized. He is knowledgeable of the law and worked patiently with me to setup an amicable divorce. I highly recommend Dennis.

Father, IT Professional

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

My recent divorce was a long, drawn out one.  I was glad to have Dennis Germain on my side to help guide me through the process.  His knowledge of the law and experience based opinions helped make it easier for me to make the necessary decisions I needed to.  I would highly recommend his assistance to anyone going through a divorce.  His actions reflect a true passion for his work and a genuine concern for his clients best interests.

Die Designer

Macomb Friend of the Court

This law firm represented me in my recent divorce proceedings. Dennis knew things about the law that my ex-wife's attorney did not. On a daily basis he kept me in the loop as far as things that needed to be completed as the divorce moved forward. He thoroughly answered any and all questions I had. The few times I called him because I was a little nervous about some of things that my now ex-wife was threatening, he explained to me the process and assured me that there was nothing to worry about.

If I had to use another divorce attorney again, I would look nowhere else. Best Interest Law is the way to go.

CBP Officer

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

Extremely knowledgeable and professional.  I highly recommend Mr. Germain.

Macomb Friend of the Court

I hired Dennis for my divorce which was mutual between me and my. He still did a fantastic job and did everything he promised. Our divorce was final in 3 months and he made sure that everything we agreed upon was fair and when he represented it to the court, everything was prepared. He really does care about his clients and he is the best. I would recommend him to anyone.

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

Mr. Germain is an excellent family law lawyer.  He was able to help me with my difficult case and get the protection I needed.  Highly satisfied with the work and commitment he made to my case.  If you are in need of help in the family law courts he is the person to contact.

Mother, Admin

Macomb Friend of the Court

Attorney Dennis Germain represented me in my divorce case, and I found him to be professional, honest, courteous, extremely organized, and always fully prepared.  He is highly knowledgeable about all aspects of family law and he knows the courts.  Despite the fact that I was the defendant, Mr. Germain took control and stayed on top of every aspect of the case.  He always explained everything thoroughly, and kept me fully informed.  I was most impressed by his attention to detail and work ethic, and the fact that I always felt like he was truly looking out for my "best interest."  I would very highly recommend Dennis Germain.

School Office Clerk

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

Dennis Germain did an incredible job with my divorce case.  He is very professional, trustworthy and works diligently.  I was extremely happy with the outcome of my case.  I highly recommend Best Interest Law to anyone considering divorcing with children.

Macomb Friend of the Court

I am a father who had an interstate child support matter arising out of issues from Oakland County Michigan and Pinellas County Florida.   Due to poor synchronization between Michigan’s and Florida’s interstate offices of support, the child support record keeping in my matter was grossly inaccurate.  In fact, they were off in their accounting by around $40,000.00 to my detriment.  Because of the errors, state enforcement sanctions were issued against me, including the suspension of my driver’s license.  This was devastating considering that I work in the transportation business.  I tried to address the matter on my own, but was unsuccessful.  I hired attorney Dennis Germain to handle this matter.   Mr. Germain pulled all the records from both states, dealt with the Oakland County Friend of the Court, Florida Interstate Child Support Office, and Florida Department of Revenue, and was able to get all entities on the same page and to appropriately adjust their accounting.  Mr. Germain helped me to get all wrongful sanctions lifted and my driver’s license was immediately restored by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.  Mr. Germain was prompt, communicative, and always available.  I highly recommend his office if you have a child support matter.

Father, Owner of Full Service Taxi Company

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

If you have a family law case this is the only lawyer to consider in the area.  He is the only one I found that only handles family law.  He is professional and always available when you need him.  He takes real interest in your case, you are not just another pay check.  This will be the attorney every time without question.


Macomb Friend of the Court

"I hired Attorney Dennis Germain to handle my divorce in the Oakland County courts system and was delighted with the entire process, (especially the part where I became divorced). Dennis was so caring during the entire process and made me feel comfortable with what was happening step by step. He never made me feel rushed and took the time necessary to explain each detail so that I fully understood exactly what was going on all the way through. I never thought that I would be taking the time to recommend an attorney, but Dennis deserves every word of praise I give him. He was kind, thoughtful, efficient, professional to the nth degree and I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

I hired Attorney Dennis Germain in my divorce case.  It got ugly quick when opposing counsel tried to kick me out of the house.  It was very contentious to start as my ex-wife took large amounts of money out of our joint account.   Dennis stepped in and blocked them from kicking me out of the house.  He made sure every cent was accounted for.  He discovered amounts of money my ex-wife had been hiding.  I got a little more than 50 % in the property award including IRA funds and amounts from bank accounts I did not even know existed.  I also got 50% custody of our minor child.  Dennis also got me out of paying child support and I was able to opt out of Friend of the Court services.  Opposing counsel was trying to make me pay my wife’s attorney fees and make me pay alimony, but Dennis blocked that from happening too.  I did not have to pay any alimony or attorney fees.   I got to continue living in the marital home, and my wife is still required to pay 50% of the occupancy fees and 50% of the ownership fees until the house is sold, for which I will also get half of.

I was happy with Dennis’s hard work in my case.  Dennis is a good lawyer.


Material Handler, Father

Macomb Friend of the Court

I am a mother who works somewhere in between part time and full time.  I hired Attorney Dennis Germain for my divorce case in Macomb County.  I am completely satisfied with his family law services.   My ex-husband also hired an attorney.  Mr. Germain did a very great job of being cooperative yet aggressive at the same time.  Mr. Germain was very clever in his approach which allowed me to get what I wanted out of the divorce without making it ugly and completely alienating my ex-husband and his attorney.  I was awarded primary custody rights, a more than fair property and debt award, payment of most of my bills for a set period of time, spousal support, and child support.  These extra awards are helping me to get better integrated in the work force and making the transition to my post-divorce life much more manageable.  Plus I still have a decent relationship with my ex-husband, which is, of course best for the children.  Due to our arrangements and separation goals, my ex-husband and I had some very unique requests in terms of custody, cohabitation, payment of bills, and support.  This was no problem for Mr. Germain who offered creative drafting solutions to our unique needs.  My husband was the one who hired an attorney and filed the case as the Plaintiff.  But when I hired Mr. Germain, he jumped right in and took the case over.   He was in full control of how it was all going to go down.  I am very happy I hired Dennis Germain as my lawyer.  He is a great family law and divorce attorney.

Mother and “Senior Care” Caregiver

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

I hired Attorney, Dennis Germain / Best Interest Law to handle my post judgment of divorce custody and parenting time matter.  My ex-wife and I were having a difficult time getting along.  I felt as if our children were not enjoying enough time with me.  I was on the short-end of a very lopsided parenting schedule.

I was pleased with Dennis’ diligence, timeliness, meticulousness, and knowledge of the law.   In my case, I was very concerned about the existence of parental alienation which, due to its inherent subtlety and intangibility, is a difficult concept to prove.  Together, Dennis and I were able to organize a large amount of circumstantial information and transform it into a more concrete presentation that supported our goals and theories in the case.

Before hiring Dennis, I had approximately 84 overnights a year of parenting time.  With much hard work, Dennis and I were able to increase my number of overnights of parenting time by approximately 40%.  I am thankful that I have the opportunity to serve a more significant role in our children’s lives.  I was also able to reduce my child support payments.  I recommend the family law services of Attorney Germain.


Father, IT Delivery Lead

Macomb Friend of the Court

Words cannot convey my gratitude and appreciation for Attorney Dennis Germain.

Unfortunately, to fully understand the magnitude of the service he provides his clients, I must share some of my story.

After many years of marriage, I was blind-sided to learn of my ex-husband’s infidelity and illegal activities.  I spent a great amount of time in denial; hoping to correct the problem within my marriage; but he wanted a divorce to pursue his new interest.  I was emotionally drained, and close to a break down.

My ex was in an prominent position and could afford to hire a top attorney, while I am disabled with a limited income.  Not knowing where to turn, I went on referral and chose another top attorney.  The process turned into a nightmare, with his high-powered attorney dominating the divorce proceedings, and me just being another of my attorney's cases.  Months went by with my ex emptying bank accounts and leaving myself and my children without adequate funds.  Motions to rectify the situation were adjourned countless times, until I just gave up.  My attorney on record advised me to just let it go.

A year after my divorce was finalized, I was still waiting for the terms of judgement to be met.  I went to many other attorneys who confirmed the wrong doing, but would not take my case due to the complexity and prominence of opposing counsel.  I was at my wits end, when I was referred to Dennis Germain from a representative from the Friend of the Court.

Upon meeting with Dennis, he discussed the difficulty with my case, and outlined for me the correct procedures and actions necessary to achieve a favorable outcome.  He admitted my case was a nightmare, and at first declined to take the case.  It bothered Dennis the neglect for the law, so he contacted me and did take my case.

Dennis is tenacious, with a thorough knowledge of family law.  Where other attorneys acquiesced and backed down to opposing counsel; Dennis stood firm and welcomed the challenge.  Threats, games and manipulations did not deter Dennis; in fact, they only increased his desire to obtain justice for me and my daughter.

My ex and his attorney attempted every trick possible; even threatening to have me prosecuted and jailed for stalking, if I continued with my motion; as I had hired a private investigator to confirm and document my ex’s wrong doings.  Dennis would not be intimidated, and assured me it was only a ploy.

Dennis researches each aspect of your case, and has a great understanding of the law.  He cannot be bullied, or threatened; and despite the age, prominence, or nature of opposing counsel, knows what is right and stands up for his clients.  With Dennis as my attorney, I was no longer badgered or manipulated.  Dennis is a force to be reckoned with in court, and thoroughly prepares for each encounter.  He is highly detailed and has the facts and case law to support his claims.

Dennis takes his time for his clients.  You are not pushed aside, or become one of his “many” cases, he makes you feel as if you are his most important client.  He treats you with respect, is extremely professional, and his attention to detail impeccable.

Dennis is a gem, and without his assistance, I would still be waiting for relief from the court and fearful of the “next” ploy my ex would use to dominate and manipulate me.  Needless to say, with Dennis Germain as my counsel, I am no longer harassed and I am finally living a happier life.

Dennis won my case through his dedication and tenacious spirit.  There is no price for a piece of mind, but Attorney Dennis Germaine is definitely worth his weight in gold.


Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

I am a mother of three children.  I hired Dennis Germain to handle an appeal in a custody matter with my ex-husband.  Due to Dennis’ help, I was successful at the Court of Appeals and was able to maintain full physical and legal custody of our daughter.

Dennis is young, but it was obvious from the work product, that I had the better attorney on my team.  Dennis’ appellate brief was thorough, organized, comprehensible, and well-written.  Dennis knows family law well.  His work was in tune to what the Court of Appeals panel wanted to see.  The work of my ex-husband’s attorney was vague, unsupported, and made minimal references to legal authority or the trial court’s transcript.  On the other hand, in our Appellate Brief, Dennis unloaded page after page of law, citing over 40 instances of legal authority, frequently correcting the opposing attorney’s citations, factual mistakes, and legal mistakes.   He educated the Court of Appeals panel directly to the proper result. In the end, the Court of Appeals panel ruled in my favor.  In its final written opinion, the Court of Appeals virtually copied and pasted most of the sentiments Dennis explained in our Brief.

Dennis was very communicative.  He always answered my phone calls.  We worked well together in gathering and preparing the information for my appeals case.  Dennis was willing to work with me on the billing.  Even after the attorney-client relationship ended, he would often spend time with me on the phone to address legal matters that I was having.  I endorse Dennis Germain.  He is a great family law and appellate attorney and truly cares about his clients.

Mother, Client Service Specialist

Macomb Friend of the Court

Divorce is not easy. My regular attorney recommended Dennis Germain for my divorce and confidently put me in good hands. Dennis is diligent, he is responsive and he went above and beyond to protect my interests in a complicated situation. He worked on the weekends, responded to my many texts and custom requests. He even dealt directly with my now ex-wife to relay detail and set the right expectations. I am extremely pleased with his work and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for exceptional divorce legal counsel. Thank you Dennis--

Account Executive

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

I hired Dennis Germain to handle my divorce case.  Dennis did not make a million empty promises to me just to get my money.   He was very realistic with me.   He explained the law to me and all my options so that I was the one who got to make the decisions based on my particular circumstances and budget.  Dennis was timely in getting tasks done in my case.  Where the other side was willing to sit on the file, Dennis was diligent in completing the documents necessary to finish the case.   I endorse Dennis Germain.



Payment Analyst

Macomb Friend of the Court

Dennis Germain is a dependable divorce lawyer.   He helped me out in a very tough time in my life.  He was caring, understanding, and good with the law.  Unlike many other lawyers, he was always on time, he always answered the phone when I called, and he always found time to meet with me, even on short notice.  He also approached my matter from a common-sense standpoint so that I did not waste my time and money on silly issues.  Dennis was always respectful to the other attorney and my ex-wife. With Dennis’s help, I was able to get the divorce handled promptly, fairly, and amicably with my ex-wife.  My ex-wife and I do not always see eye to eye on all matters.  But Dennis was fair.  He knew when to bend and when to push on certain issues.  Dennis was able to help me get a fair result without burning bridges with my ex-wife so that we can continue to raise our daughter amicably.    I am thankful to Dennis, and happy we were able to get the matter completed.


Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

Where do I begin to start with how helpful Dennis was in my case??  Dennis is absolutely amazing!! I know everyone thinks their case was awful and time consuming, etc., my case really was.  First of all I am a father of two beautiful girls, my work schedule is 7am to 6pm most nights. I really can’t answer my phone during that time due to it blowing up with work related calls. Dennis worked around that with no issues at all, he would meet me at his office after hours, come to my work place or meet wherever we could to work on the case. Filing paperwork at court during the work week?? I couldn’t, so what was Dennis’s answer? He said no problem I will go to the court and handle everything! As a person in a management position that was priceless to me. I was stressing enough about all of this as it is so having a lawyer that truly wants to make things less stressful was a blessing.

Getting to the down and dirty about the court hearings and back and forth between Dennis and the ex’s lawyer, Dennis was completely in control at all times. The vast knowledge Dennis has even overwhelmed the other lawyer! Seeing Dennis in action relieved all my worries in the case, he dominated.  He always kept me informed of my choices and the possible outcomes of those choices. The end result was exactly what I wanted and I owe that to Dennis working late nights, driving all over town, calling me, meeting with me, and doing everything in his power and knowledge base to make sure I was treated fairly.  I would recommend Dennis Germain to any father or mother who truly loves their children and wants a lawyer that will fight for what’s best for the kids and you! Many thanks to Mr. Dennis Germain.


Macomb Friend of the Court

When I was served with divorce papers a friend and attorney recommended I speak to Dennis Germain of Best Interest Law.  Dennis is a great divorce lawyer and I was very happy with the recommendation.  Dennis really cared about my case and helped me to get through a tough divorce.   He had my back and was always available to discuss my case with me.  Dennis was very cooperative with my ex-wife’s attorney, but when my ex-wife began taking unreasonable positions, Dennis was ready to play hardball.   My ex-wife’s attorney was only able to come up with ridiculous arguments and personal attacks which were hurtful but held no legal merit and of no help to my ex-wife’s case.  Rather than engage in futile personal attacks, Dennis instead argued with the LAW and facts that actually mattered.  Our case involved a complicated issue because the title on the marital home was subject to mysterious estate planning, the home was purchased before the marriage, and the home was only in my ex-wife’s name.  My ex-wife tried to cheat me on the property award but Dennis was very assertive and filed extensive discovery and an in depth legal brief that left no question about my rights to the property at issue.  I ended up with the fair property award that I deserved.  I was more than happy with my award in the value of the equity in the marital home.   I am thankful to Dennis Germain and Best Interest Law.  I recommend him to anybody going through a divorce.


Self-Employed, Construction

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

Hire Dennis Germain, you are likely to be extremely satisfied.

A personal protection order can have serious ramifications, as I found out the hard way. My ex wife somehow managed to obtain an emergency order (ex parte), based on hearsay and no evidence. I was essentially found guilty without a hearing. As a well-respected physician with a spotless record, I was shocked to hear that my name was now in the police Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) and I was subject to immediate arrest without a warrant.

Having read Dennis’ excellent web articles on defending a PPO, I sent him an email and received a very prompt reply. During our brief discussion I rapidly gained the impression that Dennis, apart from being a very caring human, has a profoundly deep legal knowledge, especially as it pertains to family law. Sadly Dennis does not work in my county, but recommended two attorneys who did. He asked me to contact him with the outcome of my case, which I did. Still working late on a Saturday evening, Dennis called and despite receiving no remuneration, took a real interest in how we had the PPO removed and offered some fascinating insights to the legal system based on his extensive experience.

I highly recommend Dennis Germain.


Macomb Friend of the Court

I hired Lawyer Dennis Germain to handle a personal protection order case in Oakland County.  Dennis worked hard and was very prepared.  I felt like he wanted to win just as bad as me.  He drafted a great hearing brief and prepared all the documents, witnesses, and audio necessary to ensure I would win in my case.   He always answered my phone calls and met with me to take my statements and practice my testimony.   I got everything I wanted out of my PPO case.  The PPO I requested was maintained.  I have peace of mind and expect I will no longer be harassed or stalked.  I am happy with Dennis’s legal services.  I recommend Dennis Germain to anybody who has a PPO or family law matter.

Satisfied Client

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

I hired Dennis Germain to handle my domestic relations PPO case in Macomb County.  My ex-girlfriend filed and obtained a PPO against me before I even knew about it (ex parte).  She made false statements in her PPO.  Dennis was very honest and always available to discuss my matters with me either on the phone or in person at his office.  He explained the law to me in great detail.  This allowed me to be educated so I knew how I wanted to proceed.  We ended up filing a motion to terminate the false personal protection order.  In our motion, Dennis cited all the law regarding PPOs.  Dennis had me well prepared before we went to our hearing.  In Court Dennis was able to demonstrate that my ex-girlfriend had made multiple untrue statements.   Dennis essentially got her to admit on the stand that she was untruthful about allegations made in her petition.   In the end, the PPO was terminated.  I have a spotless record (both criminal and public).  The last thing I needed was to be in the police LEIN system or have my name associated with false allegations in the public record.  I am a store owner with a good reputation in the community.  I am happy Dennis was able to help me preserve my good name.   I highly recommend Dennis.

Father, Retail Food Store Owner

Macomb Friend of the Court

I hired Dennis as the lawyer in a Macomb County custody matter and am very happy with his services and the results I obtained.  Dennis is a great family law attorney and his office charges a reasonable fee.  The invoices were detailed so I knew exactly what I was paying for.  Dennis knows the law well and was very empathetic to the needs of my case.  Dennis always responded to me quickly and handled all matters quickly.  In my case, the other party (the father) was very aggressive, harassing, and unyielding.   Initially, the father’s pettiness, propensity to fight over trivial matters, and using the child as an excuse to harass me caused great stress in my life.    However, Dennis worked well with the other attorney and helped me work through the matters in a productive way.  Had Dennis not maintained such a balanced approach, the case could have very easily gotten out of control and turned into an unnecessary tit for tat battle between the father and me.  Thus, in the end, the father and I were still able to maintain a decent co-parenting relationship and our child has the benefit of enjoying a strong relationship with both parents.

Mother, Medical Assistant

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense


I just want to say thank you very much for your work.  I am extremely happy and satisfied with the outcome and the services that you have provided.  The fact that I don't live in Michigan I have to say that I truly felt peace of mind knowing you were representing me there.  You were very knowledgeable and great with communication skills, you made everything very simple for me to understand.  Thank you for your patience and commitment.

Sales Manager

Macomb Friend of the Court

A trusted attorney referred me to Dennis Germain to handle my custody case.  Dennis immediately helped me to obtain custody rights and a satisfactory parenting time schedule.   Dennis was very skilled in his actions and always answered my communications or returned my communications immediately, which I have noticed, is not always the case with other attorneys.  Dennis was very detailed and clear with the facts and law in his filings, which I have also noticed, is not always the case with other attorneys.  Most importantly, Dennis managed to find the right balance of when to be tough and have me stand my ground versus being agreeable with the opposing party and mother of our child.  Consequently, I was able to maintain a good relationship with the mother of our child and also preserve my custodial rights.  I definitely recommend hiring Mr. Germain if you have a custody case.


Father, Realtor

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

Dennis Germain handled my divorce.  He helped me to get full legal custody, and full physical custody of our three children.  I was also awarded child support.  He handled my case very quickly.  I am very happy with his work and the results in my case.


Macomb Friend of the Court

If you need a tough but fair Family Lawyer, Dennis Germain is it. He takes his time to review your case and lets you know step by step what he will do next, what the court may do, what negotiations if any with the opposing attorney. He knows the law. He is supportive and encouraging. He understands your needs as you're going through a tough time. He is definitely in your corner.

Mother & Step-Father of Beautiful Child

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

My wife had just served me with a PPO and taken our 2 children 4 hours away to live in northern Michigan.  Dennis carefully explained what we would need to do to fight the ppo, regain custody of my children and have a successful outcome in my divorce.  2 months after our first meeting I was awarded full legal and physical custody of the children with the help of his knowledge of the law and proactive approach.  We had so much evidence and affidavits to show the court that both friend of the court and the divorce judge ruled overwhelmingly in my favor.  Dennis goes above and beyond with his meticulous preparation.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a highly qualified lawyer in a family law case!

Father, Ink Specialist

Macomb Friend of the Court

I hired Dennis Germain as the lawyer in my divorce.  I received Dennis’s information from another respected lawyer.  My main goals were to have the matter handled promptly, and without unnecessary hard feelings between my ex-husband and me.  Where it appeared my ex-husband’s lawyer was sitting on the file, Dennis jumped in, took control, and kept the case moving.  Dennis was very in tune with my concerns and helped me achieve the goals I was looking for in the divorce.  Dennis charged a fair price.  Because the matter went so smoothly, I received money back from Dennis for amounts unused on my retainer.


Service Industry

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

I am a father of one and filed for divorce against my very uncooperative (now) ex-wife. I hired Dennis Germain when I was in a tight spot because of issues with a previous lawyer. Not only was Dennis accommodating to my situation, but he was also very knowledgeable. He came up with a creative way to work out parenting time and child support so that both parties were satisfied and could still continue with our unusual schedule. One of the things I appreciated the most about Dennis was his punctuality with keeping me updated with every aspect of my case via email, texts and phone calls. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is having marital issues and looking for a great family law lawyer. You should definitely consider Dennis Germain to represent you in your case.

Father, Maintenance Technician

Macomb Friend of the Court

I am a mother of three children.  My husband and his former attorney served me with divorce papers and I was referred to Best Interest Law by an experienced attorney.   I then hired Best Interest Law / Dennis Germain as the lawyer to handle my divorce.  Dennis and I did our best to resolve matters, but when a fair resolution on custody could not be reached with my ex-husband, Dennis took control and did everything in his power to help me obtain a favorable custody and parenting time result.  My ex-husband was extremely difficult and created many obstacles in my case including threats, harassment, blackmail, filing false claims against me and my lawyer, and so much more.  It was very stressful.  Yet and still Dennis was not deterred by my ex-husband’s improper behavior.  Dennis stood by my side through thick and thin and helped me get the proper results.

Dennis first helped me get out of the marital home, liability free.   He helped me get my children enrolled in the school district of my preference.  He helped me get temporary custody and parenting time orders so that I could ensure that my children were properly cared for and attending school during the week while the divorce was pending.   Although I work full-time and was the sole earner, and my ex-husband was the stay at home father, with Dennis’s help, I was nonetheless awarded PRIMARY PHYSICAL CUSTODY AND CHILD SUPPORT!  Last but not least, Dennis was fair, open, and honest with his billing.

I definitely recommend Dennis Germain for anyone going through a difficult divorce or custody battle.



Mother, Medical Billing Specialist

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

I hired an attorney who was previously an employee of the Friend of the Court to handle my post-divorce custody matter. This attorney claimed that she knew the ins, outs, and loopholes of the FOC. However that attorney was non-communicative, sloppy, and unprofessional.  So I left that attorney and hired Dennis Germain to handle my custody matter.  The difference between Dennis and my former attorney was like night and day.    Dennis was very communicative and responsive.   He knew the law well and always explained the law so that I could properly follow along with the action in my case.  In a court system that I have come to learn can be sluggish and filled with court actors unwilling to take action, Dennis was urgent and was able to have my custody concerns addressed in a reasonable amount of time.  Dennis billed at a very fair rate and sent me regular invoices (unlike my former attorney) so I knew exactly where we stood on the billing.  His written work was thorough and professional.

Most importantly, Dennis helped me to get FULL legal and physical custody of my children.  I now have a Court Order ensuring me that my children will be in a safe, stable environment.  I am happy that I hired Dennis Germain as my family law attorney.

Father, Electriction

Macomb Friend of the Court

I had a long history with my ex-wife and her attorney from our divorce and post-divorce matters.  I hired Attorney, Dennis Germain to handle a post-divorce modification of child support matter.  Dennis was always open and honest.  He worked very hard to get a fair deal on child support that both my ex-wife and I could be happy with (in a case where my ex-wife and her attorney were initially quite aggressive and unyielding).

Dennis was very knowledgeable about the law concerning child support.  He was always on top of his stuff and very prompt in his communications with me.  Dennis went “above and beyond” and charged me a very fair rate when handling my case.  Dennis is a great family law attorney.  I highly recommend Dennis Germain and Best Interest Law.

Father, Hospitality Manager

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

I retained Dennis Germain to terminate a PPO filed against me.  Dennis did his diligence in gathering the facts to support my argument against the PPO.  He gave 100 percent and kept me updated throughout the case.  Dennis's hard work enabled me to get the PPO terminated.  I'm very grateful that Dennis took on my case and went step by step in informing me on the facts.

I would recommend Dennis to anyone seeking to have a false PPO dropped against them.

Innocent Victim of False PPO Filing

Macomb Friend of the Court

I retained Dennis Germain as the lawyer in my case.  He thoroughly explained the law to me IN WRITING, actually citing cases and statutes, so that I could understand exactly what was going on.  Dennis did a great job of informing me what I could reasonably expect to occur in my matter and did not just simply tell me what I wanted to here.  Dennis was able to get me very good results!  I am so thankful Dennis was the lawyer in my case.

Computer Technician

Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

I am very satisfied with Dennis’s hard work in my divorce case.  My divorce was complicated and there were many obstacles, but Dennis walked me through all of them.  Dennis was able to find creative solutions to the complex issues in my matter which touched on many  topics including protection against dischargeability in bankruptcy of domestic relations obligations and obtaining spousal support while preserving my government benefits.  Dennis was professional and worked well with the opposing attorney.  He was able to help me secure a divorce settlement that maximized the overall value for both parties, allowing my ex-husband and me to both depart from the marriage with a fair deal.  I strongly recommend Dennis to anyone going through a divorce with tough issues.



Macomb Friend of the Court

I never had any dealing with lawyers until I went through my divorce.  My first lawyer seemed to have a knack of finding ways to nickel and dime me until all of my retainer was used up and then some; in one case charging me almost $400 to fix a mistake that he had made.

It was refreshing to work with Dennis who was fair with his charges (which were 1/2 of the hourly rate of my original attorney) throughout the entire process.  With my original attorney I had to argue with him to not pay additional money to fix HIS mistake, but actually got money back from Dennis when my case was completed.

Dennis was very assertive and knowledgeable in his actions and gave me the feeling that he wanted a quick positive outcome to my case just as bad as I did.  I truly felt like we were a team working towards the same goal.  I would refer Dennis to anybody that needed an attorney.



Wayne County Personal Protection Order Defense

Attorney, Dennis Germain helped me get the results that I needed when the odds were stacked against me.   Dennis was professional, communicative, and punctual.  He was always on his game and showed up early to every event.  He routinely updated me of all matters in my case, so that I knew what was going on, and was always available to discuss my case.  I really did not have to ask many questions, because he always explained everything to me thoroughly, in writing.  Dennis is also like a legal encyclopedia.  He knew the statutes and case law regarding every single little detail in my case.  Finally, Dennis got my case handled as quick as possible and he saved me a lot of money.  I am so thankful that Dennis was able to help me.  I HIGHLY recommend him.

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