Team Advantage

Best Interest Law recognizes there are a variety of supplemental issues that may arise in your domestic relations case.  Depending on the circumstances of your case, assistance from an outside professional could be recommended.  That is why the firm is prepared to call on a capable professional when a supplemental issue does arise.  Below is a network of trusted professionals, available to join your team.

Phase Four Investigations

Phase Four Investigations

Collection and organization of information is important in domestic relations matters.  However, in some cases, needed information is not easy to obtain.  A private investigator can be very useful in detecting infidelity, locating hidden assets, locating people, running background checks, gathering evidence, serving process, and even conducting surveillance/tracking.  A good private investigator conducts investigations with discretion and sensitivity.  Phase Four Investigations handles all the above matters.

QDRO Express

qdro express

In domestic relations cases where a retirement benefit is to be divided, it is best for that matter to be addressed by an attorney who drafts domestic relations orders.  Divisions of retirement benefits can arise in property division, spousal support, and even child support matters.  Almost all family law attorneys refer the drafting of domestic relations orders to a separate preparer.  The most common order to be prepared is a QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order), which is a domestic court order that divides private sector retirement plans.  There are also orders for dividing benefits of state, federal, and military employees.  QDRO Express is a firm of attorneys that handles these types of matters.

Willockx & Associates, PLLC

Wilockx & Associates

The life transitions typically accompanying domestic relations matters sometimes call for the help of an advanced estate and business planning attorney.  Matters at issue could include the modification or revocation of a will or trust, re-assigning distribution of property, updating executor and beneficiary designations, nominating new powers of attorney, or creating/updating trusts to safeguard qualification for certain government benefits for special needs children.  Where one or both of the parties is a business owner an advanced estate and business planning attorney can be helpful in adjusting business operations or otherwise.  Willockx and Associates handles these types of matters.

GPA Financial Group

GPA Financial Group

In domestic relations matters, particularly divorce cases, concerns regarding financial planning may arise.  In a divorce case, these concerns typically arise due to the corollary ramifications of splitting the parties’ single set of assets from the marriage into two separate sets of assets for each party after the marriage.  Another circumstance where these concerns could arise is financially planning for the children’s future in the post-divorce stage of life.  This could also include the planning for special needs children.  A trusted financial advisor can be helpful in organizing these matters.

Top Flite Financial / Dawn Symington

Dawn Symington - Top Flite Financial

 In a divorce where the parties own real estate, deciding how to allocate property rights and obligations can be challenging, especially when property is subject to a mortgage.  In such instances, it can be helpful to work with a loan officer.

Loan Officer, Dawn Symington has helped resolve real estate disputes and handled mortgage transactions over the past 11 years.  Most recently, her mortgage branch has successfully processed hundreds of purchase and refinance transactions for homeowners and homebuyers.  Dawn believes that her clients need to be armed with the most up-to-date information to be able to make the best decision.  Being divorced in the past, she understands the complexity of the division of assets and will speak to you about all of your possibilities.  Dawn will then put together a plan that will help you see all of your options and time lines for the execution of your plan.  You may visit her website below or call her at 586-254-5711 x 240 to let her start working for you. 

Take note that none of the above-listed professionals are employed by or affiliated with Best Interest Law.  They are all separate entities from Best Interest Law.   Best Interest Law does not require clients to use these professionals.  Best Interest Law is not required to refer clients to these professionals.  Rather, it is the client’s choice whether he/she wants to obtain a professional, and if so, a client can use a professional of his/her preference.  The purpose of the “Team Advantage” page is to (1) exhibit Best Interest Law’s recognition of a client’s potential utilization of supplemental professionals, and (2) exhibit Best Interest Law’s foresight and preparation by maintaining a list of capable professionals available for client utilization.