Child Support

276791_8093Child support is governed by strict parameters under the 2017 Michigan Child Support Formula.  Calculating parents’ responsibilities under the formula primarily focuses on the parents’ resources, child’s needs, and number of parenting time overnights.  Allocation of health insurance and daycare costs is also an important part of of the Formula.  Deviation from this Formula is rarely permitted but might be  possible through proper application of the deviation factors.

Unfortunately, it is common for attorneys to rely solely on computer software to calculate support figures.  While this software is helpful, what is most important is proper application of the Formula!  Attorney Dennis M. Germain’s ability to properly apply the Formula heightens your prospects of obtaining a favorable child support determination.

Child SupportThe first step in calculating support is to thoroughly assess the income and deductions of the parties.  This includes determining what qualifies as “income” and “deductions” under the Formula’s parameters.  It is also important to conduct necessary discovery so that no major considerations with regard to the other parent’s income information are overlooked.  If the opposing party is uncooperative in disclosing income information, Attorney Germain is relentless in accessing withheld information and pursuing remedial sanctions.

The next step is to apply components relative to the child’s needs and the parenting time offset to ultimately calculate the parents’ financial responsibilities under the formula.

Whether you are entering your initial child support determination (in a divorce or non-divorce matter), seeking modification, attempting to enforce a child support order, facing a three year periodic Friend of the Court review, or responding to a child support related motion, Attorney Germain can evaluate your matter and discuss your path to the best possible outcome.

Child Support matters primarily include the following areas:

  • Friend of the Court
  • Determination of Income and Deductions
  • Discovery
  • Michigan Child Support Formula
  • Modification
  • Enforcement
  • Arrearages
  • Contempt / Show Cause Hearings
  • Health Insurance Premium Offset
  • Allocation of Responsibility for Non-covered Medical Expenses
  • Child Care Costs Offset
  • Dependency Exemption Allocation